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A manufacturer uses different types of tanks, pipes, vessels, etc used for creating their product with the general ease provided by them, but during times of need, how would you specify the type and genre of sight glasses that your productions require.


Sight glasses are a product that uses the most glass fabrication techniques at Swastik and the fact that we currently hold the top position in delivering quality sight glasses makes us just the right medium to educate you on how to specify the type of sight glass you require for your operations. This article will revolve around the specifications that play the most important role in our glass fabrication processes to create personalised sight glasses.

What Is A Sight Glass?


A sight glass is a glass component that can be easily applied on various objects like pipes, reactors, tanks, mixers, etc. The main purpose of a sight glass is to provide a window of vision that helps provide the operator a good view of the substances used and the processes being undertaken in such enclosed machines.


A sight glass manufacturer is always on demand as this particular product provides a clear view of how the operations are faring, what levels of substances are used, and to see whether any addition or specification is required in the process. The fact that a sight glass is always needed in such machinery makes glass fabrication techniques used for sight glass manufacturing, an extremely demanded service.


A sight glass can actually define the type of operations your manufacturing unit will be triggering, and the fact that the specifications that you will read down can define the type of sight glass you will get is the most essential part of this article. Here are the specifications you can emphasise on while getting your sight glasses from Swastik industries.


Pressure Specifications In Operations


A sight glass has to undergo various different types and variations of pressure. Proper specification and requirement delivery can help us curate specific glass fabrication techniques to ensure you get the best product. Sight glasses come in 2 types which are expertly created by our team of handpicked pioneering glass fabrication and shaping experts. The two types that are usually used by manufacturing units are:
– Conventional ring types
– Glass disc fused with a metal ring


The conventional type has been incorporated with borosilicate glass to give additional pressure handling durability and strength, the latter is basically borosilicate glass, but is reinforced with a metal ring that provides the glass additional radical compression that helps strengthen the glass further by increasing intensity.


You as a manufacturing unit owner should make sure that you enquire about the various types of sight glasses from every sight glass manufacturer before finalizing on any deal. The glass fabrication process will commence in a more efficient manner once every deliverable and requirement is highlighted properly.


Temperature Specifications


Different operations consist of various temperature specifications that define the processes used, this will help the glass fabrication expert finalize on one material for your sight glass. The thermal fluctuations can define the life of your sight glass, and specifying your processes and manufacturing techniques can help you in getting the best product, and similarly will aid a sight glass manufacturer like us to provide you the best.


Material Specifications & Mode of Connection


Stainless steel and Carbon steel are the 2 types of metals that are incorporated in sight glasses because of their corrosion resistance. Majorly utilized in medical and pharma applications, these will decide what your sight glass manufacturer will be reinforcing your product with. This will also define how the sight glass will be connected to your machine as a component. The 3 ways in which your machine will incorporate the sight glass also is essential, and they are
– Welding onto the Machine
– Bolt
– Clamp

These will decide how the product will sit on your machine and will also dictate how the operations will fare in the future.




A sight glass manufacturer like Swastik industries requires its customers to specify as much as possible when it comes to the product they desire as their operations will depend on this to a great extent and the quality that our glass fabrication experts deliver all depend on these specifications as they get the best idea where the product will be used, how, & what it will undergo.


This will define a lot for both the parties and can only help you get the best of what you desire. We have provided every major manufacturer in India with the needed borosilicate products and are proud to call ourselves the best borosilicate glass. Make sure you don’t compromise here in any way as it can affect your future operations drastically.