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Swastik industries is one of the leading Glass manufacturers company in Vadodara, Gujarat, Who engaged in borosilicate glass manufacturer of 3.3 industrial process equipment/process plants in india, and for the chemical industry growing at rapid pace.

Swastik Industry is one of the best and famous glass fabrication manufacturers which made in Borosilicate Glass of 3.3 for the Chemical Industry which is growing very fast. This Borosilicate Glass Company came in the world, in 2004 with the dream of providing a variety of Industrial Glass for chemical Industry in the best quality with economic rate. After 10 years of its existence, it is top of the Glass Manufacturing Company in Vadodara, Gujarat which provides high-quality glassware. Not only this, but this company also provides its high-quality glass service without compromise international standards.

Because of its high-quality products, Swastik grows constantly every year and because we have a large number of satisfied customers across the world. Swastik is one and only one Borosilicate Glass Manufacturer that also supplies OEM Supplier Company Gujarat. Swastik is one of the leading Borosilicate Glass Manufacturers who supplied our products into the international market and received a very good response from countries like Dubai, Shri Lanka, and so many other countries.

As per our customers’ and clients’ need we are dedicated to innovate and develop new products. So, Swastik - Industrial glass manufacturing company started manufacturing Vessels up to 200ltr cap which is a new design with the capabilities of installation, manufacturing, and design the first time in World. So, by these vessels, we are fulfilling your borosilicate 3.3 process plant and pilot plant requirements successfully.

Not only this, but Swastik also connected with the manufacturing of glass plant which supports Cast Iron and stainless steel structure parts with Metal parts like couplings required for Glass Assemblies.

Our products are built for batch and semi-batch mode operations of perfectly matched components of top quality materials which guarantee economical and high-performance solutions tailored to customer requirements.

As per research and pilot plants, API and Kilo-labs processing Companies used our Reactor Assemblies for multiple processes in a batch reactor. These reactors are generally used to scale up the processes to maintain the L/D ratio. Not only had this, but Borosilicate glass manufacturing Company also provided tailor-made types of equipment by our strong technical support.

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Borosilicate Glass Manufacturer

Our goal is to become the preffered company for all our stakeholders to accomplish this

Our Products

We from a combine of chemical engineers in the field of process engineering and it’s application in the glass equipment/process packages.

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Simple distillation unit

It consists of a vessel mounted in a heating bath and fitted with a condenser for condensing the fumes.

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Glass Manufacturers Company In Gujarat


Reaction Unit

This unit is used for carrying out reactions under stirred condition and with provision for simple reflux distillation.

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Industrial Glass Manufacturing Company


Reaction Distillation Unit

The unit has been designed to suit the customer’s requirement of a combination of versatile reaction/distillation

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Glass Fabrication


Fractional Distillation Unit

This unit is typically used for only distillation and fractionation under vacuum or at atmospheric pressure.

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Borosilicate Glass Manufacturer


Glass Reactor System

It is a system of two concentric vessels held together by flange and seal arrangement.

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Rotary Evaporators

A rotary evaporator is a device used in Chemical Laboratories for efficient and gentle removal of solvents from samples by evaporation.

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Glass Manufacturers Company In Gujarat


Thin Film Evaporator

Thin – film Evaporators are vertical, Mechanically Operated Continuous Film Evaporator designed for difficult concentration.

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Glass Overhead Assembly For GLR

The standard overhead glass assemblies on GLR’s (Glass Lined Reactors) are designed for reactions under reflux and distillation.

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