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As mentioned previously, there is an imminent need to have a great level of efficiency in making glass. Every little detail has to be monitored and everything has to be kept to perfection in order to have the best quality glass provided to the consumers, whether businesses or direct. And this cannot be a one time thing, the quality needs to be maintained if not improved throughout the company’s existence. With so much importance weighed on maintaining quality through quantity check, one of the main products that come in handy in a glass manufacturing industry is a sight glass. A sight glass is basically a level sensing equipment used to gauge the level of liquid contained within.

A sight glass can come in plastic or glass form and is usually in the shape of a tube. It is connected to the top of the tank at one end and similarly to the bottom of another tank in order to gauge the measurements. Through this, what happens is that the level of liquid in the sight glass is the same as the level of liquid in the tank and thus the process is under complete control. And just like any other process, there are chances of failure in this one as well. It is thus crucial that the operators undertaking this  process are well trained beforehand to get the best results and maintain consistency throughout ensuring that failure is as far away as possible.


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