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Swastik Industries is one of the leading glass manufacturers in Vadodara, Gujarat. We’re extensively engaged in manufacturing of industrial borosilicate glass 3.3 and process apparatus for plant processing and chemical industries in India.
Swastik Industry is of the best glass manufacturer in Vadodara. We are expertise in various glass modern manufacturing techniques, which allows us to the best manufacturer of Borosilicate glass 3.3 for chemical industries that are rapidly growing in India. We offer premium quality of glassware at economical prices in Vadodara, Gujarat and India.
Not only we’re the best borosilicate glass manufacturer in Vadodara, but we are also the only OEM supplier company in Gujarat.
Swastik ranks amongst the best borosilicate glass manufacturer in the country who supplies its products internationally. We supply the best in class industrial glass in countries like Dubai, Shri Lanka, and more. We specialize in tailoring various types of equipment, components for clients and customers according to their requirements and demands.
Our products make sure you don’t have to compromise safety and quality. Our robust glass manufacturing methods and comprehensive technical support ensure that you get the industrial glass/equipments/components you need! Get the premium quality of industrial glass and various types of equipment used in processing plants at unmatched prices from Swastik industry today!


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    We from a combine of chemical engineers in the field of process engineering and it’s application in the glass equipment/process packages.

    Sigfoldi Jacket

    Measurement & Control

    Sight Glass

    Tubular Supporting Structure

    Glass Vessels & Stirrers

    Column Glass Components

    Glass Valves & Filters

    Glass Heat Exchangers

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