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Glass vessels are a must have in all glass industries. No matter what area of the world you go in and visit any glass industry in any city of the world, you will find great glass vessels available in all of them. This is down to the fact that glass vessels have a universal usage in glass industries as reactors, receivers, reboilers, and separators and also at times as a storage unit, feeding or measuring systems as well. Glass vessels most commonly are found in cylindrical or spherical shapes and come in quite a lot of sizes so as to facilitate numerous activities in a glass manufacturing company. These glass vessels are of great use to laboratories for a multiple number of scientific purposes and are created according to the industry norms and are of the highest standards available in the market.


Stirrers are an extremely important component for any glass manufacturing company. They operate at high temperatures, and are used to create glass by stirring and ensuring that all of the glass is in uniformity and homogeneous in structure. For this purpose, stirrers have to be robust and strong without giving in to the pressure that comes at using them in high temperatures. Why stirrers are so important to the glass making process is down to the fact that during the glass making process, a lot of time goes in cooling, heating and then cooling the glass again. If the stirring is not done properly, it compromises that glass’ uniformity and thus results in lack of quality.

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