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Glass valves and filters are a thing of beauty if you ask us. They are very reliable and require little to no maintenance. They are widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and allied industries together with other applications such as food and drink production, dye works and electroplating. This is because of the special properties of borosilicate glass 3.3, PTFE, PFA, ceramic and tantalum plus the fact that borosilicate glass 3.3 is an approved and proven material of construction for pressure vessels. They are extremely reliable of course because of how strong and efficient borosilicate glass is.

This extreme reliability of borosilicate glass makes for an improved, strong and high-duty coupling system used for all components. This is achieved throughout the whole range of nominal sizes that glass valves and filters come in by the use of the safety buttress end which was  designed specifically by taking into account the properties of the material combined with a reliable flange system. The great sizing pattern of these valves and filters also allows them to be interchanged with other similar products which makes it a great addition to your equipment list. This interchangeability feature allows them to be a part of quick changes should one be required in the existing pipelines and other operations.


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