The Process of Glass Distillation

The Process of Glass Distillation - Glass fabrication company in Vadodara

There is so much to do with glass nowadays that the glass ceiling gets shattered year-on-year! (see what we did there). In all seriousness though the glass industry in the country is on the right track towards the development and is  becoming bigger day by day. It is becoming a bigger prospect from the terms of investment plans, and new entities are looking at options to possibly enter this growing industry.

One of the biggest advantages the glass industry has nowadays is that it has multiple divisions that are coming in handy. Different processes have helped this industry thrive and become integral to the development of many other industries.

One of those processes is glass distillation. What then is glass distillation? Distillation Glassware is used for carrying out reactions under stirred condition and with provision for simple reflux distillation. The reaction vessel is mounted in a heating bath and fitted with an additional vessel, motor-driven stirrer and provision for condensation with refluxing. The product is subcooled and collected in a receiver. 

Kalina Engineering Pvt. Ltd: Kalina Engineering Pvt. Ltd is renowned for manufacturing complete distillation systems or individual equipment for the distillation process. All of their equipment is available in carbon steel or stainless steel. The manufacturing here is done according to the needs of the company and for that you can also provide them with specifications and drawings.

The standard of work at Kalina Engineering Pvt. Ltd has been extremely high over the years and that has resulted in them becoming a big part of the Indian glass manufacturing business over the last decade. What makes them so different from others is the fact that the products they manufacture can be used individually or collectively as per the preference of the buyer. 

Goel Scientific: Goel Scientific Glass Works Ltd. is one of the leading scientific glass fabricators in the world, who have provided the Glass Industry of India a big leap in the Global Market. They have made their presence in all the populated continents and are representing & supplying Indian products & service worldwide. At present, they have close to 1100 satisfied customers all across the globe. They design and fabricate scientific and industrial glass parts from the best raw material from leading manufacture in the world. 

ACMAS India Technologies: ACMAS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has successfully catered the needs of over 600 institutions in India and exported their products to more than 42 countries, they also serve more than 1500 customers in corporate and private sectors, which just goes on to show how well respected the brand is in the market.

The dedicated and cumulative efforts of ACMAS team members has produced and delivered a comprehensive range of scientific and laboratory glass equipment to multiple companies over the years, and this number is only increasing. Their product range includes everything right from test chambers, measuring meters, lab equipment and water solutions. All the products manufactured at ACMAS are made with great accuracy and perfection.  

Apart from these three, there are multiple companies that are dedicated towards building glass distillation equipment and have helped companies and sorted out equipment for a lot of different processes and have become a big part of the growing glass industry.