The Impact of Glass Lined Reactors By The Leading Glass Fabrication Company In India

glass fabrication company in India

Glass reactors are basically pressure cookers used for storing essential APIs and powders for pharmaceutical enterprises. Swastik Industries is counted as a leading glass fabrication company in India and has provided several Pharma and chemical enterprises with such glass lined reactors, but here comes the question of why ‘glass lined’ reactors in particular.


There are several advantages to using glass lined reactors, and the fact that they are extremely essential in production lines and are one of the mainframe key players in the production of several products. Almost every industry uses glass lined reactors Including petrochemicals, light, pharmaceuticals, pesticide, food, dyes and enterprises that focus on scientific research.


Best Glass Fabrication Company


Swastik Industries is one such Borosilicate glass fabrication company in India that has provided Borosilicate lined GLR’s to almost every sector in the Indian subcontinent and has been voted as the best borosilicate glass fabrication company in India!


Coming back to the advantages of Glass lined reactors over the general ones. The glass lining does benefit immensely in several ways and can help your enterprise cut several unnecessary costs. Glass reactors have a coat of glass enamel coating on the wetted surfaces, which is sprayed onto those to provide extreme levels of chemical resistance to these surfaces.


The glass is sprayed onto these surfaces and then heated to fuse both. This is repeated till the desired thickness is achieved according to the process that the machine will be used for in the future. The thickness is set according to the process this machine will undergo, and when it comes to borosilicate, the reliability increases manifold. Borosilicate is famous for its inertness towards a majority of corrosive chemicals which are abundantly used in each industry.


This layer of glass als helps a lot in reducing the stress of maintaining the product, as glass is easy to clean and isn’t time-consuming at all. Borosilicate glass fabrication and our team of expert fabricators ensure that your requirements are fulfilled in every way.


The layer of glass that is sprayed on the substrate material is then polished properly, which ensures easy maintenance of the product. Borosilicate is the best material for this purpose because of its inert nature and durability, which boosts the shelflife of the machine and also increases its workability.


The polishing also helps in preventing cross contamination during changes in the batch. Cross contamination could be a huge problem for such enterprises and along with this, the professional borosilicate glass fabrication also provides many other benefits like purity of the substances being used in the machine, along with keeping the flavour and colour of the substance intact.


Swastik Industries is the best glass fabrication company in India and are known for their borosilicate lined GLRs which are famous for being robust, durable, easy to maintain, and for being able to handle the highest pressures and temperatures of the processes they go through!


Why Swastik GLR?


Swastik Glass-lined reactors offer excellent corrosion resistance to various concentrations of inorganic acid, organic acid, and organic solvents. With concentrations exceeding 30% and temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius, they are often less suitable for use in alkali, hydrofluoric acid, fluoride-bearing media, and phosphoric acid applications.


Swastik Industries have made a reputation as the leading Glass fabrication company in India and has been supplying quality borosilicate products and equipment to several enterprises access India, and arealwys conted among India’s top borosilicate glass fabrication experts.


Swastik GLRs can plummet your enterprise towards achieving the best quality output while also maintaining good factory situations at your unit. Make sure you choose the best to get the best results!