Scientific Glass Manufacturers in India and the advantages they deliver!

scientific glass manufacturers in India

Since the discovery of Borosilicate in 1882 by Otto Schott, scientific glass manufacturers in India have brought several revelations and have covered almost every market that exists in the economy. The fact that a simple addition of Boron could make glass viable and durable did give scientific glass a boost in many ways! Swastik Industries is among the many scientific glass manufacturers in India that have provided several industries with improved products from every sense!


Properties of Borosilicate glass products


Borosilicate glass products have brought a wave of efficiency in many industries, including major ones like the defence sector and the pharmaceutical sectors of India. Scientific glass manufacturers in India are consistently bringing out the best properties of this variant and have been termed as the market enhancers and have sincerely enhanced several aspects of processes that previously used normal glass products.


The fact that this simple addition brought about a revelation in sectors, right from the bakery industry, all the way to the major sectors in the industry makes borosilicate glass products and scientific glass manufacturers in India, a significant part of the economy.


The major properties that make Borosilicate 3.3, the best alternative to regular glass are:


Low Thermal Coefficient


The boron addition is the major twist in all Borosilicate glass products and has made glass fabrication a major deal in the market. The addition of Boric acid (H3BO3) is what gives it the immense dimensional durability and stability that make borosilicate the best possible alternative to regular glass.


A typical composition of the Borosilicate glass involves almost 81% of silicon dioxide, 13% boron trioxide, and minute concentrations of sodium oxide and aluminium oxide. These come together to give it structural durability and stability under changing temperatures and environments, and operations.


Chemical Inertness


Resistant to almost every chemical, this became perfect for chemical industries across the globe. Borosilicate glass products have been marked as the main contributions by the scientific glass manufacturers in India and are a boon to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries of India. Their applications as labware, containers, and as major equipment components have given glass fabrication a boost in the market.


Here at Swastik Industries, our trained glass fabrication experts are constantly striving to innovate new and enhanced applications of Borosilicate and are creating the most efficient and optimal borosilicate glass products to ensure your processes never face any downtime!


Optical properties


Borosilicate glass 3.3 has no discernible light absorption in the visible spectrum, making it clear and colourless. When compared to ordinary glass, UV light transmission is substantial in the middle spectrum. For photochemical processes like chlorination and sulfo chlorination, borosilicate glass 3.3 is excellent and Swastik Industries is among the best scientific glass manufacturers in India who excel in creating the leading borosilicate glass products in the country!


Why Are Swastik Industries The Best Scientific Glass Manufacturers In India?


Swastik Industries have been delivering quality borosilicate glass products and industrial equipment to almost all the industries in the market and have been known as the best glass fabrication and borosilicate supplier in India.


Their team of fabricators have immense industry knowledge and are experts at creating tailored components as well as the most appropriate components to make machines and equipment effective and bring pace to the regular operations of the enterprise! Their efforts in bringing efficiency in every aspect of the markets involving borosilicate products have made them the Borosilicate glass products leaders and can be the best option for your borosilicate product needs.