Industrial glass manufacturing company on making Heat Exchangers

Industrial glass manufacturing company

Every industrial glass manufacturing company has made a huge contribution in the revolution of glass products and their widespread use. Products used in every walk of life are created using certain techniques that require heavy expertise in handling glass. One such product that has used a lot of borosilicate 3.3 and that needs many experienced hands, is the glass heat exchanger.


Found in almost all manufacturing units, this product’s widespread use catalysed the urge and need to keep innovating in different ways. Heat exchangers have recently met their upgraded version, pumped out by every industrial glass manufacturing company. Before this upgrade, heat exchangers mainly consisted of metal parts and barely used any glass. The earlier version had its fair share of problems like corrosion, maintenance issues, mobility, etc.


Swastik industries is one industrial glass manufacturer that has incorporated the best properties of borosilicate 3.3 into a glass heat exchanger and has provided several companies with this product in the form of assistance.


What is a Heat Exchanger?


A heat exchanger is a device used to transfer heat through different mediums like liquids, gases or both! These devices are majorly used to transfer heat in measurable terms between 2 different mediums to further help in processes. Majorly used by the dairy, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry, this product has undergone several upgrades before finally coming to the version which topped all of them!

The inclusion of Borosilicate glass has provided several benefits to heat exchangers, and has also given a more paced upgrade to the time that these processes used to take.


Why Borosilicate 3.3?


Borosilicate is the perfect material to substitute the metal and steel counterparts as these give many different advantages for the user to make use of. Some advantages both the industrial glass manufacturing company and the buying side enjoys are:



Ease in Mobility

The exclusion of metal as a material helps make it less bulky compared to its obsolete versions. The less bulky this product is, the easier it is for the industrial glass manufacturing to ship it to the customer. Apart from that it becomes light weight which makes it easier to carry within the unit and also easier to install


No corrosion

Borosilicate’s biggest advantage is that regardless of how corrosive the gas or liquid is, it won’t fall for the material’s corrosive properties. Borosilicate has a very good inert property, which allows it to handle any corrosive material with ease. This helps it to stay unreactive to even highly reactive and corrosive materials like Nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, etc.


Durable, thermal resistance and low on maintenance

Borosilicate uses the boons of boric oxide, which gives it a boost when it comes to physical strength. This is extremely advantageous because of the fact that glass is substituting metal. The boric oxide atoms give borosilicate glass the intensity to endure heavy impacts, as well as the ability to endure extreme temperature spikes over short periods of time. The last and one of the major advantages is that it doesn’t require much maintenance. Being glass, residual remains do not stick to thinner walls of the device, thus keeping it clean most of the time.


Heat exchangers come in various types, each being used for different purposes and in different industries. The most commonly used is the coil heat exchanger.


This type consists of a coiled passage for the material’s movement within the glass tube. Some more types of heat exchangers, commonly produced by an industrial glass manufacturing company, are:
– Immersion heat exchanger
– Liquid Heat Exchanger
– Vent Heat Exchanger
– Lab Heat Exchanger
– Horizontal Coil Heat Exchanger


Swastik industries is one industrial glass manufacturing company that has prevailed over the Indian Borosilicate market by constantly providing the best quality Borosilicate products to almost every industry including manufacturers and research labs. They also are the only industrial glass manufacturing company that have aided a majority of Indian pharmaceutical companies to reach their productional goals by providing high grade industrial borosilicate products.


They are known for their heat exchangers and have also aided many companies towards paced operations. Apart from heat exchangers, they also create many industrial equipment using borosilicate 3.3.