Glass Heat exchangers and why they’re preferable

Glass heat exchangers - Glass fabrication

Glass Heat exchangers have been used to transfer heat between two or more fluids and are also used for both heating and cooling processes. Heat exchangers can be seen all around us and did you know that an example of the heat exchangers is within us too. 


Our nasal passages act as a heat exchanger to regulate our body temperature. Who knew we had such a complex mechanism right at the nose.


Heat exchangers can be found quite a lot and with various variations that depend on the task they’re going to be used for. Although a proven fact that has to be noted is that when it comes to coiled heat exchangers is that borosilicate glass coiled heat exchangers have been always preferred over the normal ones.


You would be thinking of reasons as to why glass heat exchangers are better and that’s exactly the thing that’s going to be explained.


Before getting to why glass heat exchangers, what exactly is borosilicate glass and why here?


Basically borosilicate glass is a type of glass that is known for its thermal prowess and integrity. With boron and silica trioxide as the main constituents in the mix of glass making components, this type of glass can be administered to high temperatures (upto approximately 165 degrees celsius)  without any risk of fractures.


Swastik Industries have maintained their name and fame of being one of the top manufacturers of borosilicate glass products in India and their products have been shipped almost all across the globe.


Glass Heat Exchangers : The strength


Apart from being sturdy and having a thermal resistance on an elemental level, glass heat exchangers are very minimal when it comes to maintenance and also are very easy to clean. Transparency is also an advantage that can be enjoyed if you choose to go with one but one of the main advantages is that this glass is resistant to corrosion and also proves to be better than the regular heat exchangers.  


Uses of Glass Heat Exchanger:


A glass heat exchanger is also used for some other purposes like condensation of gasses and when made with expertise and precision this can be counted among the best of the best. Swastik industries is an organization that solely works on perfection and doesn’t stop at any product and delivers the best. 


Swastik industries is counted among the top glass industries of India that work with glass products and their glass heat exchangers are proven to be one of the most convenient to attain and use. Besides the advantages of being easy to use and maintain, being small in size also proves fruitful when it comes to installation.


Installation of Glass Heat Exchanger and Service:


Installation is always one of the hurdles customers face and this problem is close to solved in case of swastik as their glass heat exchangers are extremely easy to install and operate. All this definitely does prove good as a selling point but what comes after is maintenance, and being small in size also helps in cleanliness and maintenance making it a good product.