Why Swastik Industries is India’s best Industrial glass manufacturing company

Best Industrial glass manufacturing company

Our prominence in the market as a leading industrial glass manufacturing company has solely been a derivative of our active work towards creating efficient solutions for enterprises of every field and sector. Our products are made using our borosilicate formula, which gives us the upper hand when it comes to delivering efficiency.


Our range of products include every kind of equipment that goes into a full scale machine and gives your enterprise the edge when it comes to delivering quality product.


Our delivery and the tag for being India’s most renowned and demanded industrial glass manufacturing company is solely because of our delivery, which is successful thanks to the expertise running in our team and a drive to always provide the best quality results without any form of delay in management or processes.


Our scope of guidance that we provide to enterprises along with our products make our results rank among every top renowned industrial glass manufacturing company and makes us the perfect option for your enterprise.


Our team


The team here at Swastik industries consist of highly experienced glass fabricators and engineers that help us always stay ahead in the market. Hand-picked from across the country, our fabricators include highly experienced glass fabricators who have strived to deliver the top quality borosilicate products right from the origin of the company.


Swastik has been delivering quality products since 2004 and has guided several industries from various fields like FMCG product manufacturers, chemical companies, pharma companies, food dyes manufacturers, glass manufacturers, research labs, medical institutes, etc.


Our expertise in glass manufacturing is the major driving force for our company to remain the best industrial glass manufacturing company in India. Our range of products can help your business in every way to improve your working and delivery.


Our range of products


At Swastik Industries, we indulge in creating the most efficient borosilicate glass 3.3 industrial equipment and have dealt with enterprises varying from every industry in the market.


Our products include intrinsic and value based products that have been efficiently researched and have been successfully amplified by our team of expert technicians and methodologists to create the most efficient and result focused applications that have made these products become the best versions.


Our range of products include:
– Sigfoldi Jackets
– Measurement and control
– Sight Glass
– Tubular Support Structure
– Column glass components
– Glass valves and filters
– Glass heat exchangers
– Glass couplings and gaskets
– Glass mixers and settlers
– Glass pipeline components
– Bromine recovery plant
– Bench scale reaction units
– Thin film evaporator
– Glass overhead GLR assembly
– Rotary evaporators
– Glass reaction system
– Reaction unit
– Fractional distillation unit
– Reaction distillation Unit
– Simple distillation unit, etc


It seems like a long list, but this very list includes every item that gave us the edge in the market and made us the best Industrial glass manufacturing company in India.


We provide a borosilicate boost to all these products and have given them the best required upgrades to create the perfect scenario for any enterprise to merge these in their daily routines and experience the required production enhancement they require. This fact is the major reason behind our success andour market reputation as the best industrial glass manufacturing company.




We ensure your operations run accordingly and create the best case for you to introspect your previous level of operations and point out the reason why you require our products to reach the production levels your enterprise requires, becoming the best in your field.


Our reputation as the best industrial glass manufacturing company in India guides us towards providing you the best possible products so that you reach the production capacity you expected from your enterprise!