Where Quality Meets Quirk: We are there!

Industrial glass manufacture stands out like a jewel in the vast manufacturing landscape because of the special way it combines accuracy and delight. What’s more, did you know what? Our Industrial Glass Manufacturing Company in the heart of Gujarat’s thriving economy exemplifies this harmonious union. Join us on a whimsical journey into the world of Glass, where solutions come with a dash of humor.


Imagine a glasswork where the raw material is not only blown into sheets but shaped into creative answers to everyday problems. That’s us, Our Industrial Glass Manufacturing Company in Gujarat. We don’t just see Glass; we see potential. Our journey starts in the furnace, where sand and soda dance in a fiery tango. The result? Molten Glass is ready to be shaped into wonders. But here’s the twist – we believe in infusing a bit of quirkiness into every piece. Whether it’s a playful pattern or an unexpected design element, our Glass reflects our love for the unconventional.


Our astonishing variety of glass products!


Innovation in Glass Production: We have adopted advanced techniques such as float glass manufacturing, which results in exceptionally flat and clear Glass, ideal for architectural and automotive applications.


Customized Glass Solutions: We can make things fit your needs exactly. We serve several sectors, manufacturing anything from solar panel glass to chemically toughened Glass for smartphones.


Sustainability: Sustainability is a buzzword in today’s manufacturing landscape, and our Industrial Glass manufacturing company is embracing it. We are investing in eco-friendly practices, recycling, and reducing the carbon footprint.


Quality Assurance: With stringent quality control measures, we ensure that our products meet international standards. This commitment to quality has earned us recognition not only in India but also in global markets.


Need a glass solution that’s as unique as you?


Our team thrives on creating custom glass pieces that aren’t just functional and bring a grin to your face—Have you ever heard of a glass that doesn’t shatter into a million pieces when dropped? We’ve created it! Our ‘Oops’ Glass bounces back from falls, giving you a reason to laugh, not cry 😄. Glass doesn’t always have to be serious. We create Glass that adapts to your mood – reflective, transparent, or even a little psychedelic. The space where we produce goods is as much an art studio as a factory. Every visit will be a visual pleasure because of the many artworks and unique glassware strategically placed throughout.


We’re not content with the status quo. Our culture of innovation drives us to continuously explore new technologies and techniques to improve our manufacturing processes and product offerings. Our company’s activities revolve around satisfying our clientele. We put client requirements first and strive to provide first-rate glass services in India. We’ve made our mission to innovate constantly, resulting in a line of higher quality and more eco-friendly glassware than ever before.


We see a bright future waiting for us as we look into the distance. The way forward shines with the hope of unlimited possibilities and tremendous development. We stride confidently into tomorrow, fueled by the belief that our brightest days are yet to come. So let us welcome the start of this new period with enthusiasm and optimism because it is in these times that our potential becomes clear, and the splendor of our future becomes apparent.




Swastik Industries is more than just business; we carry a long tradition of excellence while forging new ground in invention. As our Glass Production in Gujarat continues to produce world-class glass products for diverse industries, Gujarat solidifies its position as the Glass Hub of India. From custom solutions to sustainable practices, our Industrial glass manufacturing company is setting the global glass manufacturing industry standards. So, the next time you look through a car window, admire a modern skyscraper or use your smartphone, remember that behind these marvels is the art and science of our industrial glass manufacturing company in Gujarat.


Stay tuned for more glassy tales, and remember, when it comes to glass, we’re at the top of the world!