Rotary Evaporators

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A product you will find widely used in chemical industries, why rotary evaporators are so important is because they are used to gently and efficiently remove solvents from samples using evaporation. The rotary evaporator has a number of significant components, starting with a motor that helps rotate the evaporation flask. It also consists of a vapour duct that is a vacuum tight axis for rotation, helping the vapour get drawn off the sample chemical. The rotary evaporator also consists of a vacuum system, which helps in reducing the pressure on the evaporator system. Water is most commonly used to heat the sample in a rotary evaporator, from where the solvent moves to a condenser.

The entire process is completed using a mechanical or motorized system which allows for the quick lifting of the evaporation flask from the heated bath. If you visit an organic lab, you will find a rotary evaporator ever present, as it allows the process of removing or separating solvents to get completed very quickly. The water bath used in the rotary evaporator is heated in a crystallized dish or metal container, as it prevents the solvent from freezing during the evaporation process. The process if followed to the exact line helps avoid overheating of the solvent and helps generate greater evaporation.



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