Glass Reactor System

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A glass reactor is a glass vessel containing an agitator and an integral heating or cooling system. It is made from borosilicate glass and comes in a variety of sizes from 50ml to 200L, useful for small processes as well as taking a chunk of process at one time altogether. In a glass reactor system, the reactor is fed materials, whether liquid or solid depending on the need from the top of the reactor to convert them into vapors using a heating process. The vapors produced are discharged through the connections at the top of the glass reactor system while the waste generated during this process is dumped out using the bottom of the system. 

The two biggest advantages of a great glass reactor system like ours is their versatility and visibility. Our glass reactor systems are greatly equipped and manufactured in such a way that they can handle a number of different operations without the fear of contamination. This versatility of the glass reactor system allows it to be used for the processing of toxic or highly potent compounds. Having been made from borosilicate glass, our glass reactor systems are easy to maintain and long lasting, thus allowing you to gain a great return on investment as well.


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