Glass Couplings & Gaskets

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Glass couplings are a heavy duty product used to provide great amounts of reliability to a glass process. They are used in various glass and pipeline industries in order to be used as joints that help in construction of different components. Their basic use is to help join glass to other related products and materials. The lack of corrosion that they have allows glass couplings to have minimum maintenance thus making them really durable and long lasting. When it comes to selecting the couplings, there is a need to remember what kind of products will be handled using them and the atmospheric condition where those products will be used in the glass manufacturing plant. 

Gaskets are another integral product of the whole glass industry because of the function they perform. Gaskets are essentially a mechanical seal that help prevent leakage of material from or between two objects by filling the space between them. While they are of use in a number of industries, their usage in the glass industry is most significantly in and around sight glasses. They are also used with level gauges and sight flow indicators for the purpose of sealing and cushioning the lenses used for this purpose. They have a very specific use in the glass industry, but without them a number of purposes can go haywire.

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