Fractional Distillation Unit

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Fractional distillation is defined as the separation of a mixture into all of its components or parts. When it comes to the usage of a fractional distillation unit, they are mainly used in chemical industries in order to separate components of chemicals so as to use them individually in a variety of processes. A fractional distillation unit is typically used only for the purpose of distillation or fractionation of chemical compounds either in atmospheric pressure or by using a vacuum. This system is also fitted with a cooling bath or a metal fitting which comes with a packed column, reflex drivers and coil condensers. During the process of a fractional distillation unit, the material that is condensed is either taken to the receiver through the product cooler or to straight back to the vessel. 

In a fractional distillation unit, the process is divided into three major components, those being evaporation, condensation and collection. During evaporation, crude oil is heated until it evaporates and the resultant vapor is put into a fractionating column. The process of condensation comes in when the temperature of the unit is at its highest, and the condensation results in hydrocarbons getting formed. The last process of collection is pretty straight forward, the fractions or the components that are separated during the process are collected and further used to create various end products. 

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