Bench Scale Reaction Units

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Bench scale reaction units are reactor systems well equipped to conduct operations that are necessary in chemical industries. These reaction units are built to precision in order to make them thermal shock resistant and make them suitable for a lot of cool and hot processes that range between temperatures of -80 degrees to 200 degrees. This range of temperature scale goes on to show how much stress these bench scale reaction units can take and not break, thus making them an inevitable product for many different kinds of industries. 

There are many features that make them stand out, apart from the one mentioned above. Bench scale reaction units also come with a design that does not have any dead space which ensures complete drainage of materials and no leftovers from previous processes. They are also GMP compliant and come equipped with a special type of flush bottom valves which help in prevention of leakage of any sort thus helping you avoid unnecessary investment on raw materials. They allow you to have optimum energy consumption, preventing you from suffering losses and also help in controlling the temperature greatly making them highly efficient products.


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