Industrial Glass Industry in Gujarat

Industrial Glass Industry in Gujarat

Gujarat has become a hub for best Industrial Glass and  glass manufacturing companies. There have been numerous companies popping up through the years, and it has had a staggering effect on how the industry is perceived and the overall impact it has had on the development of Gujarat and the national glass industry in general. Today, we will be looking at some of these companies that have made Gujarat’s  industry develop quickly and become a hub of success in the glass industry.

Haldyn Glass: One of the most well known, widely respected and well functioning glass manufacturing companies in India and possibly in the world is Haldyn Glass Limited. Formerly known as Haldyn Glass Gujarat Limited, Haldyn Glass was founded in 1991 and since then it has been achieving great results after great results. It has become an innovator, a market leader and a big name in the glass industry through the sheer vision and pioneering ability of its leaders.

They have a diverse number of machines that enable them to automate their glass manufacturing process, with some machines being imported from European countries for specific tasks. A big component of their success over the years has been the efficient utilization of technology and raw materials, and that has propelled them to become a leader in the industrial glass manufacturing business in India.

Star Scientific Glass Co:Star Scientific Glass Co. Is positioned amongst the most renowned Scientific Glassware Manufacturers in India. In addition to this, they are also a very prominent supplier of industrial glassware across the world, which has made them famous and resulted in India’s glass industry getting noticed big time.

They provide a huge range of industrial glass products right from stirrers, valves, heat exchangers and more, all of which are highly corrosion resistant, smooth and non-flammable. Apart from this they also manufacture Non-Standard Glass items and pressure vessels which has enabled them to take their business and glass manufacturing process to the next level.

R & B Glass India: Based in Rajkot, Gujarat, R & B Glass India has become one of the top glass manufacturing companies not just within the state but also pan India. It is a processed glass manufacturing company, engaged in manufacturing of tempered glass, heat strengthened glass, Solar panel glass, laminated glass for both commercial, residential and industrial applications.

As a company that is growing at a rapid rate, they hold advanced professional glass production lines and automatic cutting, edge grinding, drilling machines for manufacturing tempered glass, laminated glass etc., which are widely applied in fields of building, doors and windows, curtain wall, solar glass, furniture, elevator and more.

Apart from these three, there are other various big glass manufacturing companies in the various cities of Gujarat that have developed the industry and helped in shaping up a very important industry for the country.

The uses of glass are multiple, and these companies make sure that glass is used widely and correctly all throughout the year. Master tacticians and astute knowledge of the industry has been the key to the success of these three companies, and they have helped propel the Indian glass manufacturing industry to new heights with that.