Glass Manufacturing in Gujarat and What Goes Into it

Glass manufacturers company in Gujarat

Pinpointing things is something we all have ingrained in our minds since the time we were really young. It has helped us refine ourselves and get better (sometimes also a little too judgemental for our own downfall), but mostly helped us in finding the better path. Refining and making things go smooth is something we all would love to see happen in our lives. Well, at least one of the things in our life is both extremely refined and smooth textured (when we want it to be that way, that is). Wondering what that thing is? Simple, it is glass.

There is a lot of debate on which products come to one’s mind when asked about the top inventions ever, and sure everyone will have a variety of options to name. We however would love to add glass to that particular list. It is such a useful product that it is used in an array of industries and can be moulded the way one wishes to in order to make it helpful for a particular purpose. Glass industry is also one of the most important industries going along in India, and that is what brings us to the core focus of this blog.

Gujarat has become a hub for industrial development with industries having a wide variety of product manufacturing units have made their base in Gujarat. A lot of initiatives were taken by the state government to bring in top industries to the state and have their plants here. Cities like Ankleshwar, Manjusar, Surat among others have seen a tremendous growth rate in the number of industries within the city and on their outskirts compared to 15-18 years before today. Glass industries have been among these and have been integral in the state’s development and growth as one of the top industrial hubs of the country.

That being said, some companies from the glass industry have shined more than others and have risen to the very top of the glass manufacturing companies in India, thus claiming to be the best in the country. Some of them trace their origins within the state whereas some others have settled here post some development. Here is a look at some of these wonderful companies and the prolific work they do.

Haldyn Glass Limited: Haldyn Glass Limited, formerly known as Haldyn Glass Gujarat Limited, was incorporated in 1991 and is based in Vadodara. Haldyn Corporation Limited is a closely held company engaged in manufacture of Soda Lime Flint & Amber Glass containers since 1964. Mr. N.D.Shetty Executive Chairman of the company has a very rich experience of over five decades in the manufacturing of exclusive quality glass containers. We create new designs and shapes of bottles to give cutting-edge advantage to the products of our esteemed clients of Food, Pharmaceutical, Beverages, Liquor and Beer industries. It is one of the top glass manufacturing companies of the country and is associated with some of the top brands because of their continuous development and maintenance in quality over the years. They believe the key to their constant success lies in their state of art production processes and facilities, quality raw materials and the efficient utilisation of available technology. Their modern machines are complemented with highly skilled, motivated and experienced glass technologists, technical personnel and other professionals, whose dedicated team work ensures that we produce superior quality bottles making us a leading Flint Glass container-manufacturer in India.

Gujarat Borosil Limited: Gujarat Borosil Limited was established in the year 1994 in Gujarat. The company produces a wide range of products such as tinted glass, container glass, architectural glass, automotive glass, etc. The glass sheets manufactured by the company are considered to be of the highest quality. The company has witnessed a rapid rate of growth and employs about 1000 people.The company has a strong focus on innovation and known for its pioneering achievements like development of World’s First fully tempered 2 mm thick solar glass, solar glass with lowest iron content giving highest glass efficiency, first company in the World to successfully be able to remove the most hazardous substance “Antimony˜ from its solar glass etc. Very recently the company has launched new products like Selene: an Anti-glare solar glass suitable for PV installations near airports, Shakti: a very high efficiency solar glass in matt-matt finish. Amongst the upcoming products with enhanced features is the solar glass with Anti-soiling coating. Gujarat Borosil Limited is a long standing success story in the glass manufacturing industry and its help in developing the nation is not going to stop anytime soon.

Gujarat Guardian Limited: Gujarat Guardian Limited is a joint manufacturing company, a venture between Guardian Corps Ltd. and Modi Rubber Limited and is based in Ankleshwar, Gujarat. It is one of India’s leading manufacturers of float, coated and mirror glass products. At its facility in Ankleshwar, Gujarat Guardian Limited produces high performance glass for use in exterior (both commercial and residential), interior architectural and automotive applications. You’ll find Gujarat Guardian Limited glass in homes, offices, cars and some of India’s most iconic architectural landmarks. They are a part of the world’s leading glass manufacturer, and work with clients across geographies to explore new design trends, protect the environment and build structures that enhance people’s lives. In 1993, they built India’s first float glass plant and in the year 1994, the first automated curtain coating mirror plant in Ankleshwar, Gujarat. Gujarat Guardian Limited is driven towards creating positive solutions that are for people and the planet, all while helping architects and builders achieve their vision.

All of these companies along with others are dedicated towards developing and improving the glass scenario in the country. Their amazing work has catapulted them to the very top of the glass manufacturing industry in the country. Continuous development and extreme focus on improving the glass products business in India, whether for a commercial purpose or industrial. It is time they get the credit they deserve, so let’s raise a glass to them.