Glass manufacturer company in Gujarat & Sustainability of Glass

Glass manufacturer company in Gujarat

Glass has been a part of our lives since the early days of urbanisation and has evolved and gotten better ever since. New and different methods of glass production and manufacturing have risen for every glass manufacturer company in Gujarat since the time we realised how horribly we have damaged our environment.


The fact that glass itself is recyclable has been the biggest boon we ran into. It is a fully recyclable material and provides high prospects for glass manufacturing companies to turn towards more ecologically sustainable production methods.


Glass in itself is a sustainable material, and gives us immense prospects and material guidance to help us live more sustainably. It has various applications which give our green solutions a heavy boost.

Here are a few ways in which glass is a sustainable material for greener living:


Considering Climate Change


A glass manufacturer company in Gujarat like Swastik Industries provides immense literature on how glass can help you undertake greener living solutions.


They are known for their use as insulators and their abundant use as glass panels on solar panels. Glass is also used in several energy efficiency catalyzers like the above-mentioned solar panels, photovoltaic cells and on wind turbines, in the form of fibreglass which carry a huge resemblance to their counterparts which is normal glass.


They are also hugely used in automobiles and are coming up with more advanced lightweight forms which are further helping us in reducing our energy consumption.


Saving Natural resources


Similar green solutions are channelled towards creating a greener glass manufacturing process. A glass manufacturer company in Gujarat like Swastik Industries happens to take extra measures to ensure that the most natural resources are saved during the manufacturing process. The process where the cullet is melted happens to take the most amount of energy and can easily be taken care of by substituting the heating agents from a fossil fuel to a greener substitute like naturally produced electricity. The melting involves the highest energy consumption and culling this area can help any glass manufacturer company in Gujarat as well as the rest of the world.


Taking these necessary measures can help a glass manufacturer company in Gujarat make the most of the available resources while also reducing their carbon footprint by a mile! Using Green electricity can actually reduce the consumption of coal powered heating units with greener electric heating, and it also reduces the carbon emissions sent out into the world. Latest studies have shown that shifting to greener electric solutions can reduce the carbon emissions by almost 35% which is very good for a start.


Another initiative that a glass manufacturer company in Gujarat can undertake is recycling! Recycling glass involves reusing waste glass and recreating the product by including the same into the cullet, which then undergoes the similar melting and shaping processes. At Swastik Industries, we specialise in Borosilicate 3.3 which can also be recycled with ease. The only drawback to recycling used glassware is the possibility of pollutants entering the cullet, which then later on results in cracks and damaged output.


Public Health and Well Being


Recent studies have shown that the majority of the global population has microplastics in their blood, which has been a gift of our abundant use of plastics in almost every area of life. The fact that glass vessels happen to be the best to store food without having any revolting thoughts of elements mixing in your food. Glassware for storage can be the next big thing which enables the public to lead better and healthier lives.


A glass manufacturer company in Gujarat can do wonders like Swastik Industries. We aim at reaching the best possible green solutions, which then can give us a good assurance when it comes to ecological safety and well-being. Such glass manufacturer company in Gujarat should undertake greener solutions and should rather take the cleaner road instead of focusing on Cost Of Production which might not matter a lot in the future when there doesn’t remain anything to save!




Swastik industries has undertaken several such green solutions to incorporate geener productions, while on the other hand creating the best quality Borosilicate glass products of top industry grade. We, being the best glass manufacturer company in Gujarat, aim at rating the best grade solutions so that we all can grow simultaneously without facing any trouble!