Borosilicate Glass manufacturer and Exporter in India

Borosilicate Glass manufacturer in Vadodara, India

Borosilicate glass has been adding to the value of every industry’s operations in only beneficial ways. Since it was introduced into the world of glass and fabrication, Operations and machinery have significantly increased their production rates and speed.


The Global Borosilicate glass market has been booming since 2020 and projects an estimated CAGR rate of 3.97%. The increasing demand for borosilicate glass in every industry ensures this staggering growth. The fact that the borosilicate glass market will reach a value of 1.21 billion dollars itself is astonishing, but the fact that the major driver of this demand is its increasing requirement in the clean energy and R&D departments for chemical studies happens to be another surprising fact.


Why Borosilicate?


Borosilicate glass is surely a blessing to the urbanizing trend that we have been following for ages. Its properties have changed the face of glass in the market and are slowly being incorporated in almost every industry.


This type has overtaken the regular lime glass in many ways and also is proving extremely beneficial.


Every Borosilicate Glass manufacturer is slowly engaging in heavier borosilicate productions due to their increasing demand, and Swastik Industries in India is currently leading the Indian market in providing feasible and reliable borosilicate solutions in the form of industry-friendly, heavy-duty borosilicate components.


They are India’s best Borosilicate glass manufacturer and deal in various different machine components as well as whole machines that can help bring the right pace to your operations.


Reasons For The Increasing Trend


With the world growing towards incorporating more and more sustainable options into everyday living, research shows that the Asia Pacific is dominating the global borosilicate market.


Increasing solar power projects and higher investments in the pharma and medical departments are giving rise to increasing trends of Borosilicate demands.
The recent Covid hit also plays a huge role in the increasing demand trends!
R&D departments of various industries including Pharma and Chemical industries constitute the highest rising demands solely because of the increasing requirement for suitable and sturdy labware.


India’s Medical demands somehow make up for a major chunk of the quota of the demand simply because of the increasing medicinal demands that we somehow cater to!


India’s Labware Experts


Swastik Industries incorporates the boons of Borosilicate 3.3 into the most reliable labware and chemical R&D equipment that have helped several industries bring out the best in them.


Our in-house team of glass fabrication experts is able to curate the best quality products and simply create masterpieces to aid your enterprise in its operations.


We house a team of borosilicate experts that are able to create seamless and quality products that have aided several enterprises to achieve faster-paced operations.


We incorporate modern turnkey techniques to create reliable equipment and machinery for various industries especially chemical industries.

Our machinery make the best use of Borosilicate glass 3.3 and fuse them with sturdy steel bi-components to create the highest quality products that enable speedy industrial grade operations.


We have made major contributions to the Indian borosilicate market and have created a benchmark for our nation’s glass manufacturers by delivering our products to global destinations like Dubai, Sri Lanka, etc, making us India’s only top-ranking Borosilicate exporter.


Our contributions extend towards the Oil & Gas Industry with our Borosilicate glass heat exchangers! We are India’s best Borosilicate glass manufacturers and our glass heat exchangers have been assembled by our team of glass fabricators ensuring optimal aid to automation industries.