OEM Suppliers and the Glass Manufacturing Business in Gujarat

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We have talked at length about borosilicate glass and how it is used across the glass industry. How its wide variety of usage across multiple industries in multiple shapes and forms has triggered a massive development in its importance and seen a surge in the companies and industries manufacturing it over the years. In a very similar way but also in a completely different approach, OEM Suppliers and manufacturers have also risen to the occasion and become prominent in the industry today. Today, we will look at OEM glass and its suppliers in Gujarat and at length.

To start off let’s see what OEM is exactly. OEM glass, or Original Equipment Manufactured glass, is auto glass that is made by a company who officially provides windshields and other parts for automobile companies like Toyota or Kia. These companies are the official providers of auto glass for car companies manufacturing or designing cars and official dealers.

When you buy a car off the lot, say from Toyota, the glass is going to be made by Pilkington or another OEM company. It will have the Toyota logo stamped on the glass in addition to the glass company. As per the norm, OEM glass is also made out of sand, top quality sand at that to ensure that it is of the best possible quality.

As mentioned above it is widely used in the automobile industry and performs functions close to the windshield. OEM glass will be an exact copy of the windshield that came on your vehicle when it was bought off the lot. It will fit and look exactly the same and be up to certain (non-mandatory) regulations including thickness and structural integrity.

Apart from OEM, there is also OEE glass or Original Equipment Equivalent glass, which is basically aftermarket glass. It is basically the store brand version of glass. It’s made by companies unaffiliated with car companies. This glass is typically cheaper and of lesser quality depending on your car and the glass company. Sometimes it may even be visibly different from OEM glass in terms of tint and thickness. These traits aren’t necessarily bad, but it really all depends on the driver, the car, and the glass manufacturers.

OEM Supplier in Gujarat:

Swastik Industry:

Based in Vadodara, Gujarat, Swastik is one of the biggest glass manufacturing companies in the country and deals in multiple glass variants. This Borosilicate Glass Company came into the world in 2004 with the dream of providing a variety of Industrial Glass for the chemical Industry in the best quality with an economic rate. It has modelled its business and manufacturing side in such a way that it is on par with the standards maintained by reputed international glass manufacturing companies of the world.

They do not compromise in quality and have a great knowledge of the industry, which helps them grow year-on-year. Swastik is one and only one Borosilicate Glass Manufacturer that also supplies OEM Supplier Company Gujarat. Swastik is one of the leading Borosilicate Glass Manufacturers who have supplied their products into the international market and received a very good response from countries like Dubai, Sri Lanka, and so many other countries. Their products are built for batch and semi-batch mode operations of perfectly matched components of top quality materials, which guarantee economical and high-performance solutions tailored to customer requirements.

The OEM glass industry is still in the building stage in Gujarat and as time progresses, there is a big chance of this industry booming and going to the next level just like the borosilicate glass manufacturing competition is currently in the state.