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A Sight glass can be found in almost every type and genre of manufacturing units spread out across the globe, and the aid they provide to conducting large-scale operations is incomparable.


Being one of the smallest parts, this particular component needs immense levels of perfection and supervision to be created. Stringent quality guidelines and quality raw materials go into making sight glasses as they fulfill certain requirements that aid several large-scale operations.


Functions of a sight glass


Sight glasses are placed at crucial points which require continuous surveillance.
Sight glasses are window elements present in almost every large-scale manufacturing or processing unit that provide the operator with essential visions that help decide the course of actions needed to be taken to successfully deliver the required order or material.


They are extremely important and require the absolute best materials to be created.
Generally made using either lime glass or Borosilicate glass, they carry durability requirements that also involve inert properties. These require unmatched streng

th as this particular component is meant to withstand immense pressure and also has to stay intact while coming in contact with several elements and substances that go inside the particular machine.


Why we use Borosilicate glass?


Borosilicate glass is the best material to incorporate in a sight glass because this particular material carries immensely profitable properties with it.
Its Thermal reaction rate is absolutely apt for creating site glasses as some processes in the gas industry experience huge temperature differences at short periods of time through which only a borosilicate sight glass can survive!


It also is inert to almost all commercial chemicals which gives it another boost when it comes to simplifying operations. Certain refineries require to work with acidic chemicals that can end up melting through a regular lime glass.


Swastik Industries is one such sight glass manufacturer that uses borosilicate 3.3 to create industrial-grade equipment that has stunned the markets with its durability and inert properties.


They use Borosilicate 3.3 to create some of the masterpieces that now aid several leading industries in providing seamless and top-quality products.
This level sensing component requires to be impeccable solely to promote easy and reliable operations and end products.


An industrial Sight glass comes in various different sizes to be incorporated into numerous machinery and is reinforced to take immense pressure and corrosive and damaging chemicals and acids. Two types of sight glasses are prevalent in the market, namely:

  • Full view indicators
  • Flow-through indicators


What Are Full View Indicators?


These are self-explanatory and provide 360 views of the flow of the component in question. Suitable for low-pressure applications this type is widely available in a cylindrical form and is advised to be applied in machinery with a moderate flow rate.


Excellent for operations that require more visual supervision, this design defies corners and prevents debris collection, thanks to the shape. This particular type works better when not applied to immense mechanical strain.


What are Flow-Through Indicators?


Made with either two oppositely placed glass pieces or also with just one, this is the sturdier counterpart of full view indicators and can easily take on immense pressure!
Sturdy enough, these indicators can be subject to immense pressure as they come with full ASME pressure ratings, making them reliable for heavy-duty operations.


Advantages of Swastik Borosilicate glass


Swastik Borosilicate has been manufacturing and supplying quality borosilicate machine components and full-scale machines since 2004 and is India’s best-rated sight glass manufacturer. Their expertise in sight glass manufacturing and exporting helps them create benchmark quality borosilicate products to aid enterprises pan India and also Globally.


Their stringent quality checks and seamless delivery enable them to provide just what an enterprise requires to boost its productions. Aiding several industries towards better and easier production, Swastik Industries is India’s best sight glass manufacturer, and they also provide the same!