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Every Industrial Glass manufacturing company is well versed with the fact that borosilicate has played a huge role in the journey of scientific glassware! Its low thermal expansion rate, high chemical resistance, and structural durability are the herculean reasons showing the revolution it brought in the glassware industry.


To frit that consists mainly of silica and Boron oxide makes up what constitutes borosilicate glass. And due to its revolutionary thermal and chemical resistant properties make it the perfect material for every industrial glass manufacturer to produce scientific glassware from.


Borosilicate Glassware and Its Scientific Applications


Scientific borosilicate glassware consists of labware like beakers, test tubes, drippers, lab funnels, Petri dishes, watch glass, flasks, and the list goes on!


Borosilicate manufacturers don’t just profit from producing scientific glassware. There are a huge variety of products that are made using borosilicate glass! Ranging from tobacco smoking pipes to industrial machinery components and kitchenware, borosilicate glassware has managed to enter every human aspect.


Borosilicate Miscellaneous Side


Borosilicate glass also has an artistic side other than the regular lab and industrial significance. Borosilicate manufacturers are heavily cashing on every side this revolutionary material has blessed with its properties. Artwork like glass beads and coloured glassware, and fancy glasses for drinking purposes show a distinct side to this glass material.


Sculptures and glassblowing lampwork also have seen a huge contribution here. Glass manufacturers somehow had to make a huge shift to borosilicate glass, as this new material somehow literally took the world by storm.


Scientific labware


Coming back to the scientific glassware, In today’s world, virtually every glass component finding its way into industrial or scientific use is made of Borosilicate glass. The man behind the discovery of this boon, Otto Schott did end up leaving behind a legacy that every industrial glass manufacturer could benefit from.


In the earlier days of science, i.e, before the introduction of borosilicate glass, used metal or metal-based components for these purposes. Labware did see the inclusion of different varieties of glass, but still did not reach the point of total satisfaction until the discovery of Borosilicate.


Now if you feel that labware consists of items that focus more on the chemistry textbooks then you’re wrong! Borosilicate glass found its way into astronomical telescope lenses. A particular variety of Borosilicate glass known as Schott BK-7 is used in the lens and uses the benefits of its low thermal expansion.


Borosilicate manufacturers across the world have made a huge contribution to the entire world of science and living, and somehow art too! Borosilicate glassware holds the irony that it can be found in the manufacturing unit your microwave was made in and somehow also found its way inside the microwave too.


The dish that we find inside a microwave is a tangible example of Borosilicate glassware that every person can easily go through!


Let’s get back to the scientific glassware that every industrial glass manufacturer concentrates the most on!


Petri dishes that safe-keep some of the most valuable lab samples known to man, the test tubes that your blood sample was taken in, the glass you pour a shiny bubbly to enjoy, all of these are a part of borosilicate glassware.


Every Industrial glass manufacturing company around the world knows the importance that borosilicate glass holds in today’s world. Constant innovation in this might also help us come up with a better version of borosilicate glass, after all the circle doesn’t end anywhere, does it?




Borosilicate manufacturers know the value this unusual material holds and the journey it took from a lab to almost seeing its use in every aspect of life, shows its importance!


Among every industrial glass manufacturer, Swastik Industries has always concentrated on creating some of the best industrial-grade machinery components using this heavenly material. Imagine, the glass in your microwave probably is the same glass in the machine that made your microwave!


Swastik Industries, tops the list and stands tall among every industrial glass manufacturing company and has supplied borosilicate materials and machine components pan India and also have exported them to various other nations!

Their expertise in glassmaking and their team have never stood down when it comes to delivering perfection. Borosilicate happens to be their principal item and their products have created an epitome for every other company to chase!