Industrial glass manufacturing company in India

Industrial glass manufacturing company in India

Borosilicate glass has been used in many instances and has been taking the world by storm. The fact that scientist discovered a way to strengthen glass by simply adding Boric Oxide to the mixture. An industrial glass manufacturing company knows the essentiality of borosilicate products in various industries and can help you by tweaking the glass slurry to provide you the particular quality of borosilicate that matches your niche.


The inclusion of boron oxide presents a replacement for other oxide components and strengthens the binding force of the molecules, thus giving the end product its durability.
Borosilicate products have revolutionized processes to such an extent that most industries have started incorporating borosilicate glass components into their product for improved values and properties.


Borosilicate Properties


Borosilicate glass is most famous for its properties as they have helped several industries including essential ones like the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The properties of Borosilicate that an industrial glass manufacturing company uses as their USP are:
– Thermal resistance
– Chemical Inertness
– Physical Durability


Thermal Resistance


The inclusion of the revolutionary Boron trioxide gives borosilicate its magical property of thermal resistance. Boron trioxide helps give it the power to resist extreme thermal shocks, which makes it the most suitable glass for any industrial glass manufacturer to make and supply. An Industrial glass manufacturing company can use this property as the Best USP apart from another one which we will discuss later. Thermal resistance is required in borosilicate as this glass is majorly used in chemical research labs and also in some automotives.

Certain manufacturers like an Industrial glass manufacturing company can also need borosilicate products as certain processes in traditional glass manufacturing require a borosilicate stirrer simply because of its thermal resistance.


Chemical Inertness


This property proved to be a boon for the chemical industries, simply because of the name of the property. Chemical industries require glass products like beakers, test tubes, and other laboratory vessels as borosilicate glass doesn’t react to majority chemicals and can easily be used to operate with intensively corrosive chemicals that can damage regular glass vessels. Borosilicate glass is resistant to corrosion even from chemicals like hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, etc., making it perfectly apt for chemical and laboratory usage.


Physical Durability


An Industrial glass manufacturing company incorporates boron trioxide to the slurry exactly according to the level of durability the recipient wants. There definitely is a limit to how much boron trioxide one batch can hold, after which it is simply a waste of resources, but the levels of silica and boron trioxide give borosilicate glass the physical durability that every industrial borosilicate manufacturer looks for. This is one major reason why this type of glass was used in making microwave friendly crockery and vessels. It also is used in chemical industries as there can be dangerous mishaps with bad consequences which can be averted to some extent with the use of borosilicate glass.


The widespread use of borosilicate glass is all thanks to the above-mentioned properties, and here are the major industries that run on Borosilicate incorporated machines and products:


– Glassware for Laboratory

Borosilicate glass’ thermal resistance and chemical inertness make it the best option for the ones working with dangerous corrosive chemicals on a daily basis. The fact that even physical durability gives them the edge for research purposes makes it the best option for every industrial glass manufacturing company and every industrial borosilicate manufacturer the reason to pitch to the chemical industry front-runners!

– Hot mirrors & Scientific lenses

The high thermal resistance has made borosilicate perfect to be incorporated as a lens in telescopes as well as microscopes. The fact that the heat does not change the physical properties of the glass and that its dimensions remain unchanged, keeping the visual properties intact, make it the best option.

– Cutlery and bakeware

Once again, the thermal resistance makes its play here. You can actually pour boiling hot water and still keep it in the freezer without the fear of it breaking! This makes it perfect for this purpose.

– On the exterior lenses of aircraft

Also used in aircraft as the exterior lenses, borosilicate glass cannot express its properties in any better way. Frequent height changes bring about considerable temperature fluctuations, which only borosilicate glass can provide. An industrial borosilicate manufacturer or even a regular industrial glass manufacturer knows the essentiality of Borosilicate glass to the aviation industry.


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