Glass fabrication in Vadodara

Glass fabrication happens to be one of the main manufacturing processes used to produce some of the toughest sight glass.

Sight glasses are basically components that aid in many industrial purposes that involve hazardous liquids.

Sight glasses are basically used in processes where one needs to keep a constant check on the flow and levels of the liquid in question here.

Glass fabrication is mainly used in making the glass component that is involved in the preparing of a good quality sight glass. 


Purpose of a Sight Glass

Also known as viewing glasses they can give the machine operator a good view of the liquid or gas, the direction it’s flowing in, and the levels of the same!
As a matter of fact, it would’ve been impossible to manufacture sight glasses without glass fabrication.
Not just that, the levels of perfection need to be impeccable.

That’s simply because of the fact the processes they are majorly used in fall in those particular sectors that can cause some serious damage. Sometimes these damages can prove fatal to humans.

Any form of negligence while producing these would not matter at the time but would bring a huge deal of losses when incorporated in regular manufacturing. The losses could be in terms of revenue, machinery, or human life. 


Glass Fabrication in Sight Glasses

Sight glasses can come in various forms and types for different purposes, but every type is made using one common technique, i.e glass fabrication.

Glass fabrication involves various different methods, and basically, glass fabrication encompasses every process used to work or treat raw glass materials and turn them into a functional component.
There are many subtopics when one thinks of glass fabrication like:
– Cutting
– Grinding
– Drilling
– Polishing
– Tempering
– Finishing
– Edging

Every function is included in the umbrella term which is glass fabrication, and each function carries a different purpose and is used for various products.

Here at Swastik Industries,
we work with Borosilicate glass which is one of the toughest types of glass and requires a higher level of expertise and experience.
Our craftsmen create each product with immense precision so that your machines operate at the highest capacity and our components become a part of it! 

Anatomy of a Sight Glass

ach sight glass comes in a pre-molded casing that isn’t made of glass. This casing can be made of various metals or metal alloys. The most commonly used metals are aluminum, brass, & steel.
The main borosilicate glass parts are placed within these casings to provide the user with a good view of the flow or levels,  whichever sits right for the process.

The transparent borosilicate sight window can either be flat, curved or a domed surface. This is attached to the metal casing with a metal-to-glass seal which is usually a chemical or mechanical bond between the glass and metal casing.
This seal prevents any form of leakage from occurring. Without the seal, the components are practically useless. This helps prevent the movement of the liquid or gas through the part.   

The Sight window in this case is obtained by precision glass fabrication techniques.
Here at Swastik, Without the proper use of glass fabrication techniques, and the involvement of fabrication experts is mandatory. 


Swastik’s Borosilicate Sight Glasses

The main cause for this is the use of Borosilicate glass.

Its inert properties and extreme thermal resistance make it extremely tricky to work with and let’s not get to the toughness part.

Borosilicate glass overtakes almost every type of glass when it comes to durability. The inclusion of Boron oxide in the equation makes it one of the toughest glass types. 

Swastik Industries holds pride in manufacturing premium borosilicate products and components for industrial purposes. Our team of experts brings in all their experience and uses utmost precision and perfection to deliver the best.