Glass fabrication in Vadodara, Gujarat and Swastik’s Glass Column Component’s popularity

Glass fabrication in Vadodara

Swastik Industries has changed the face of glass fabrication in Vadodara and is bringing a wave of demand particularly for their glass column components and various similar products. Their glass column components have guided several industries towards production pinnacles and have received similar reviews from quite a few manufacturing giants across the country.


Their contribution to their processes can be kept aside for the time being. Let’s shift our focus to why their column glass components are particularly in demand since the past few years.


Swastik is among the few manufacturers providing turnkey manufacturing components enhanced with Borosilicate 3.3 making their products a benchmark for quality and efficiency.


Their formula consisting of an extra helping of Boric Oxide making their column glass components bring a wave of optimism to the growing trend of glass fabrication in Vadodara. But before we start off on their manufacturing secrets, let’s see what exactly are glass column components.


What are glass column components?


Glass column components are used in almost every sector in the industry and are used for a bunch of processes including distillation, Collecting condensates, extractions, etc.


The market is filled with various types of column components in relation to the material method that they’re specially crafted for. They come in a variety of types like plain, jacketed, with or without internal sections, etc. These are majorly tailored according to the requirements of the buyer.


There are several reasons why this particular product plays such a huge role in creating the revolution for glass fabrication in Vadodara. Swastik industries is proud to have brought about this revolution in the face of glass fabrication in Vadodara and has been known for producing some of the most demanded products for manufacturing units.


Glass column components require extreme strength, Durability and an excessive inertness to guide chemical and pharma companies towards efficiency in their processes, and swastik in particular are known to provide several products, making their impact quite significant and obvious.


Which industries require glass column components


Several industries require products that have to undergo glass fabrication in Vadodara, and one fact that might stagger you is that glass column components ind their way majorly to dye making units, food processing units, and food colour, Chemical, Pharmaceutical industries, and has also been known to be useful for several units and their electroplating processes.


Why Swastik glass column components?


Swastik is known to have provided several benefits along with their products but the ones that they are best known for are the following mentioned below:
– A safety buttress end
– Flange System
– Cross sectional area
– Distribution plates


Each different addition has its own benefit that follows. The safety buttress end helps a lot when paired with the extremely reliable flange system in case of materials that are used in the process the equipment is aiding in.


The cross-sectional areas on the other hand give access to the buyer to create a multi-stage process in the column component and an additional area for you to add distribution plates and packing retainers, making them a “must have” in your arsenal.




Swastik Industries have guided several industries and manufacturers towards efficient processes by providing them quality borosilicate products. They are known majorly for their glass fabrication in Vadodara, apart from their reputation for always being the most convenient and reliable borosilicate suppliers in the country.


Glass column components are not the only thing they’re famous for. Swastik Industries is among India’s biggest borosilicate producers and has catered to the needs of several manufacturing giants by providing them key components and equipment for their respective processes. Known for glass fabrication in Vadodara, Swastik industries is your best option for quality glass equipment in India.