Borosilicate Glass Manufacturers of Vadodara

Borosilicate Glass Manufacturers of Vadodara

Glass manufacturing has taken a few leaps in its time but the introduction of Borosilicate glass has brought a whole different revolution to this industry. The usual problems that a glass manufacturer used to face have been depleted with this discovery and the rise of Borosilicate glass manufacturers seems imminent in this era.

Borosilicate glass manufacturers need to spread awareness regarding this revolutionary product for it to get the public hype that it actually deserves. The qualities that it presents and those that tackle that of normal glass help Borosilicate glass be what it actually is.


Borosilicate Glass Properties


This revolutionary glass has properties that have brought a wave of change in the glass market. The normal soda-lime glass has been overtaken by borosilicate and manufacturers are slowly changing their product lines to Borosilicate.

The properties that challenged our traditional Soda-lime glass are borosilicates thermal resistance and material strength.

Thermal resistance states that Borosilicate has high resistance to changes in size that occur due to extreme temperatures that can occur due to the material put in it or the thing the product is used for.


With a certain amount of boric acid added to the simple glass solution of silicate sand, soda, and ground lime forms the topic of the hour that is Borosilicate glass. Although not that resilient to hard surface impacts, this variant of glass does consist of a higher amount of durability and can be used for many purposes.

Applications of borosilicate products range from various industries and also to basic household products such as wine glasses, microwaveable ware, basic glass utensils, etc. The industrial applications can range from these products being used in manufacturing processes and research labs where practices with acids and other substances is prevalent.


Borosilicate glass manufacturers like Swastik industries strive to make the manufacturing process of this glass variant pocket friendly as traditional glass manufacturing is easier and cheaper but are devoid of the properties that borosilicate presents.


Swastik industries stand tall in the borosilicate glass manufacturers market and are counted among the top players. Their top-notch industrial products have been shipped to various continents across the globe making them come among the international players and have been known to provide high-quality borosilicate products for industrial and lab research purposes.


How Borosilicate Glass made


Borosilicate glass manufacturers use a formula to create this glass variant and that formula has remained the same for quite some time now.


This formula dictates melting certain ingredients to meld all of them together forming this revolutionary glass material and the qualities it presents to the world. This formula consists of silica sand(59.5%), boric oxide(21.5%), potassium oxide( 14.4%), zinc oxide(2.3%), and sometimes minute amounts of calcium oxide and aluminum oxide depending on the final destination and customer that batch would be reaching.


Coming to Gujarat, Swastik Industries leads the market for all Borosilicate glass manufacturers and have kept their name and reputation strong by providing the perfect product every time.


Expertise in glass manufacturing is the first thing that is required in such manufacturing industries and Swastik leads in that too, the ingredients being of first-grade quality is not the only thing that they give, they provide the best quality materials for the upcoming chemical industries in Vadodara.


The complex structures that make up the products used in the chemical industries of Gujarat have been perfected by Swastik Industries and have kept the supply intact to meet the rising demand.


Borosilicate glass manufacturers globally have experienced a surge in the demand for the product as this is slowly taking the spot held by the traditional glass and the making cost is the only hurdle that is left to be crossed.


The advantages and benefits that borosilicate provides will easily overtake this hurdle upon the correct spread of awareness among the public about how useful and beneficial this alternative can prove.