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Glass Fabrication and OEM Supplier Company Vadodara, Gujarat

Swastik industries is one of the largest industrial glass OEM Supplier and Glass Fabrication in Vadodara, Gujarat

Swastik is one of the leading Glass Fabrication Company in Vadodara Gujarat, and famous for its Borosilicate Glass meeting to international standards. We are Borosilicate Glass manufacturing company provides a variety of glasses like laminated glass, Tempered Glass, Automobile Glass, Toughened glass and many more which is used in different industries. Our Glass equipment plants meet the terms with ISO standards. Because of our quality products, we are continuously grown every year with a large number of satisfied customers.

Our Swastik Glass manufacturing company established in 2004. The main goal of our company is to provide the best industrial glass for the chemical industry with the best quality and affordable price. Because of our time to time delivery, quality and price our glass is famous in India. We are the biggest OEM Suppliers to the Glass industry. With our world-class Borosilicate glass quality, we have already entered into the Industrial Glass in international markets and also get a very good response from the countries like Dubai, Sri Lanka and many more countries.

As per our Director VK Mangla, we always choose to give the best quality as per our customer’s needs. For that, we firmly focus on quality from the initial to the end. We are always asking our regular customers about the quality of the glass provided by us. We also maintain the feedback record given by our valuable customers to check our service and customer satisfaction level.

Our team always trying to provide the best material in less time with most care of transportation. We feel proud in presenting the catalogue on Plastic Lined, Borosilicate Glass Product, and Flour Polymer customers. After getting success in glass manufacturing we started to manufacture Vessels up to 200ltr cap which is a new concept with capabilities of manufacturing, designing and installation.

Swastik is famous for its Distillation unit. This unit is used to build up a heating bath and fitting with condenser for condensing the smoke. For condensing, we use the drain valve. Just like other, these units available in different sizes of vessels 20, 50, 100, 200, & 300. These vessels also the best for operation under full and atmospheric pressure.

As per the Director, he and his team worked very hard to achieve goals. The main motto of our company is customer satisfaction by providing service on time.

  • Maintain quality and lessen the delivery time, which can save up to 15% of the component-time.
  • Time to time deliveries reduces 50% of the tension of customers without quality.

In Pilot plats as well as R & D, Kilo-labs and API processing companies use our equipment like Reactor Assemblies for multiple processes like batch reactors. The operation tempts of such systems can be -50 C+ 200 C. These reactors help to maintain the L/D ratio for scale-up processes.

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